Our Staff

Wendy Gray
New Zealand Registered Nurse, Bachelor of Nursing, Post Graduate Certificate in Nursing

Wendy is a registered nurse with over 20 years of experience, specialising in critical care and occupational health nursing. She has worked with and cared for people from all walks of life, witnessing firsthand the direct, negative impact of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction on patients, their families, friends, workmates, employers, and communities as a whole.

Wendy and the team are committed to providing businesses in the Greater Wellington area with comprehensive workplace drug testing services that are second to none. As health care professionals, they are approachable, non-intimidating and non-judgmental.

DSTNZ also employs a team of qualified drug screening technicians, most of whom are registered nurses with a high degree of skills and expertise. You can rest assured that all DSTNZ staff are committed to providing their clients with an excellence in service. With DSTNZ, your business is in safe hands – quality without compromise.